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The Chase Building
Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia. (1932)

Chase Building

The Chase building was built as a Public Archives and uses a different stone than is  typically used in most of Dalhousie University's buildings.  It also was designed to be trimmed with sandstone, but actually was done with limestone.  This project began in 2003 with an overview ground exterior envelope assessment.   There had been previous attempts to fix leaks by caulking masonry joints, which was very hard to remove without damage.  The arches were in poor condition and required stabilization.   We also re-tiled the previously leaky patio deck and reconditioned an original steel door out to it.   Finally the windows, which dated from the 1970s when Dalhousie acquired the building, were replaced with a new aluminum window that reproduced the original window frame profile.

Project dates: 2004-2010
Project Cost:

1496 Lower Water Street, Suite 315, Halifax Nova Scotia B3J 1R9
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