The opportunity to work closely with private clients on custom homes or additions is invigorating and satisfying.  Clients always bring a wealth of ideas to the table that are reviewed and developed to provide a solution to a housing problem.  The firm has been engaged on residential projects of varying scale, from small single family homes to multi-unit complex projects.  

Residential conservation and adaptive reuse is an important part of the G.F. Duffus & Co. Ltd. repertoire.   With the company involvement in preservation plans for heritage properties and Mr. Duffus' personal experience in renovation, the firm is well qualified to provide services for residential projects.  The firm is now focused primarily on registered heritage properties in the residential field.

Please click on the images below for brief descriptions of a sample of the work G.F. Duffus & Co. Ltd. has done in this field. 


Lincoln Street
Lincoln Street

Anderson-Oler Residence

Barrington Terrace

Nicholas Beach
Nicholas Beach

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